TECOCHILL benefits are significant:

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  • Lowest Operating Costs – TECOCHILL systems can cut a building’s cooling costs in half, by eliminating most of the electrical demand (kW) associated with providing cooling.
  • Demand Savings – TECOCHILL chillers reduce a building’s on-peak electrical demand (kW) and energy (kWh) charges, especially in the summertime when electricity rates are at their highest, but when natural gas is “off-peak” and quite affordable.
  • Free Waste Heat – While a large economic benefit from a TECOCHILL chiller simply comes from reducing the building’s on-peak electrical demand, a TECOCHILL also offers optional “waste” heat that is always available at the same time. This high-quality heat source (up to 230oF hot water) literally comes for free, whenever the chiller is running. It can be captured and put to good use, for heating domestic hot water (DHW), space heating, or even as a heat input into an absorption chiller. This optional use of available engine waste heat is what turns a TECOCHILL into an elegant “mechanical” combined heat and power (CHP) system.
  • More than Twice as Efficient as Absorption Chillers – TECOCHILL gas chillers provide the most efficient alternative to conventional electric chillers, by far. TECOCHILL chiller efficiencies (COP’s) are often double those of absorption chillers, even without taking into account its available free heat recovery. This means TECOCHILL operating costs are also about half those of absorbers, and TECOCHILL greenhouse gas emissions are about half as well. TECOCHILL chillers are easy to install, and don’t require oversized pumps and cooling towers like absorbers do. TECOCHILL chillers are also much more compact than absorption chillers. In fact, TECOCHILLs can fit into the same tight mechanical room spaces that electric chillers do.
  • Avoid Electrical Service Upgrades – TECOCHILL chillers can help a power-hungry building maintain or add necessary cooling capacity, without gobbling up limited electrical capacity, or requiring expensive upgrades to a building’s electrical service.
  • Hybrid Plant Flexibility – Sometimes TECOCHILL chillers are applied in “hybrid” chiller plants. In this case, a building has two types of chillers, both gas and electrical. A building may retain one or more electrical chillers, but add one or more TECOCHILL chillers to the mix, in order to lower cooling costs. Hybrid plants give building owners the greatest flexibility and diversity. As energy costs vary by time of day and season, a building owner can optimize his plant by utilizing whichever type of chiller offers the lowest cost.

Looking for the Best Applications?

TECOCHILL gas chillers are ideal in facilities where new chilling capacity is desired, where the local electric utility’s kW demand charges are high, or where the site’s electrical capacity is limited. They also make sense where the TECOCHILL’s optional heat recovery capability can be utilized, or where additional operating flexibility is desired in the form of a “hybrid” plant.

Basically, they can make sense wherever chillers are needed, including in hospitals, colleges, schools, office buildings, aquariums, government buildings, large residential facilities, industrial facilities, hotels, and ice rinks. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations, to suit each building’s particular needs, and are backed by Tecogen’s long-term factory service support.