Retrofits and Commissioning

According to the Environmental Building News, (Vol. 19, No. 10), “There are over five million commercial buildings in the U.S., and every one of them is wasting energy. Where energy is wasted, safety problems, health hazards, and comfort issues often exist. Where we find energy efficiency, we also tend to find lower operating costs and greater real estate value. RCx providers may also find where it’s cost-effective … to make substantial changes to building automation systems. Such upgrades or retrofits are enhancements to systems that were not originally in the design or construction but are fairly common in RCx projects.”

Building Performance Engineering, LLC works to provide testing and documentation during the commissioning of new buildings or the retrofit of existing facilities.

We base our professionalism on the principles of delivering to our clients a level of workmanship that is value-sensitive and owner driven. BPE has completed several energy studies for single floor structures to multi-facility campuses. We continue to assist commercial and industrial clients in achieving profit saving modifications to their mechanical systems. This is accomplished by providing testing and documentation to identify current status, issues and potential solutions. We facilitate retro-commissioning IAQ and are sensitive to the costs of capital improvements and return on investment.

Building Performance Engineering, LLC works alongside certified commissioning and LEED agents, owners, design firms, general contractors, and energy consult clients throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, assisting clients to achieve their LEED goals. We invite you to contact us for a list of references and projects we have completed.

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