Industry News – 9/23/13

How Energy Efficiency Measure are Becoming Big Business,

The article says that although energy efficiency projects lack the visual appeal of wind farms or solar they cut carbon emissions at low cost and are becoming increasingly big business. The opening of efficiency projects to retail investors, those with small amounts to invest, is in its infancy, and has happened so far mainly in the United States. But analysts say it is likely to advance quickly and cross to the UK soon. When Maryland-based Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Capital went public in April, raising $167m on the New York Stock Exchange, its shares became the main vehicle available to retail investors wanting to help fund efficiency projects. CEO Jeffrey Eckel acknowledges that the efforts the company finances lack the visibility of the renewable energy sector, with its photogenic wind turbines. Hannon Armstrong has invested $3bn in energy efficiency since 2000 and expects spending to increase with shareholders’ infusion of new capital. The company hopes to pay a 7% dividend by the end of the year, generated from energy savings.