Industry News – 6/30/13

CBC to Receive Nearly $1.8 Million for Energy Cost Savings Projects,

Columbia Basin College will receive $1.76 million from the commerce department’s Energy Efficiency Grant program. It will pay for a new heating and cooling system along with energy monitoring and other improvements. Edmonds Community College will be receiving $1.97 million and Peninsula College will be getting nearly $2 million from the same grant program.

Recovering Wasted Energy Expense is a $750 Billion Opportunity,

According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), more than 4.2 million commercial buildings waste an average 30% of the energy that owners and tenants pay for. During 2007, the DOE estimated the cost of that waste at $60.7 billion. It is estimated that at an 8.0% capitalization rate, $60.7 billion of wasted energy expense represents $750 billion of lost asset value. According to several surveys businesses have made goals to reduce energy, but few have actually taken steps towards doing so. The author feels that through his experience this lack of action is due to several misconception such as energy reduction initiatives are expensive and risky. He provides a five step process for businesses to follow in order to reduce energy costs. The steps start with taking charge of energy bills and include evaluating costs and benefits and end with the preparation of a professional recommendation.