Industry News – 5/6/13

Harvard, MIT Recruit Firms to Sign Sustainability Compact,

Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, cloud platform company Akamai Technologies and the city of Cambridge, Mass., have agreed to work collaboratively to address climate change issues at the local level  by recruiting signatories to sign the Community Compact for a Sustainable Future. The compact lays out a framework for the signatories to coordinate and tackle sustainability challenges including waste reduction, energy efficiency, climate mitigation and adaptation, water management, renewable energy and green tech incubation. Harvard and MIT will also work with city staff to share sustainable design and green building strategies in new construction and major renovation projects. Additionally they will also share strategies and research with the city on pilot projects such as the Canaday solar thermal and steam tunnel heat-recovery system that supplies some 60 percent of domestic hot water for all buildings in Harvard Yard, according to the compact.