Industry News – 4/12/13

Monitoring the Indoor Environmental Quality of Animal Facilities, ALN Magazine

Vivarium suites consist of several different types of areas: animal holding rooms, procedure rooms, quarantine space, storage areas, and specialized areas for cage washing, imaging, surgery, and necropsy. Article explores  specific environmental and ventilation requirements.

Energy Efficiency Saves Money, Teaches Lessons at Kentucky School,

NPR Louisville recently did a report on Richardsville Elementary (an Aircuity installation). It talks about the impact that the school’s net zero design has on expenses by reducing what would be typically a utility bill of $8,000/month to $0. The reporter said that it would take too much time to list all of green features of the building and only lists a few. The reporter stated, “And as politicians like to point out, Kentucky has among the lowest energy costs in the nation. This means that if it makes economic sense to build energy efficient buildings here, it would only make more sense in other, more expensive places.”