ROBUR GAHP – Gas-fired condensing Absorption Heat Pumps for the simultaneous production of hot and cold water are the perfect solution for systems that require simultaneous heating & cooling.

  • Systems that simultaneously require heating and cooling (hospitals, manufacturing cycles or liquid-ring-based air conditioning systems).
  • Heating and air conditioning systems with an energy source available for recovery (preheating of DHW).

Efficiency up to 244%

… And an almost total reduction in electrical power


  • It does not require an external exchange source, thus reducing installation and running costs.
  • It reduces electricity consumption to a minimum, thanks to the prevalent use of gas. To produce more than 43 kWt and 17 kWc, it consumes less than 0.5 kW of electricity.

Free domestic hot water production in cooling mode operation

  • It uses traditional polypropylene flues, exploiting condensation. The high pressure of the combustion system (up to 80 Pa) enables the extension of the vent to more than 20 m. In the case of existing buildings, a configuration of a coaxial flue gas discharge is possible. Polluting emissions are lower than the limits set by the Blue Angel certification.