Aircuity OptiNet

Building Performance Engineering works with architects, approved design engineers and owners to impliment OptiNet systems from initial concept design through new construction, or in renovation and retrofit to existing buildings.

Optinet Installed 24/7 Monitoring

The Aircuity OptiNet system is a unique, capsule patented system that takes samples of air remotely throughout a facility and routes them to a centralized suite of sensors.

By measuring critical indoor environmental parameters, the OptiNet system can provide intelligent input to building ventilation systems for energy efficiency, optimization and high quality indoor environmental quality.

Aircuity will Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The fastest way to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions is to focus on the largest energy areas with high impact energy efficiency measures. In the United States, commercial buildings account for 20% of primary energy end use, and the energy requirements for HVAC accounts for one third of this energy consumption. The bottom line: Optimizing your building’s ventilation system will be one of your most significant energy efficiency measures through:

  • Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV)
  • Differential Enthalpy Economizer Control
  • Laboratory/Vivarium DCV

Aircuity can significantly contribute LEED rating points

Construction projects focused on LEED certification will discover that Aircuity’s IEQ information and energy efficiency capability will significantly support documentation of LEED rating points in several different categories.

Aircuity helps Owners/Operators Save Energy Dollars

Sustainability has become a distinct profession that has relevance across every business sector. Reducing energy use is a critical element to any sustainability plan, and Aircuity can play a significant role in providing energy efficiency in your facilities through 24/7 monitoring. The information, delivered in real time, allows for energy turndowns, and immediate response to IAQ issues.

Rapid ROI = Rapid “Recycling” of Sustainability Budgets

OptiNet solutions can be utilized at any stage of a facility’s design. For building renovation and retrofit projects, Aircuity can be easily installed to quickly reduce excess ventilation energy while helping to improve the indoor environmental quality of the facility.

High efficiency heating and cooling equipment is often a cornerstone of energy renovation projects, and Aircuity systems provide the actionable information needed to maximize these savings. Building Performance Engineering can guide your project successfully to implement demand control ventilation, improve economizer control, and monitor IEQ to ensure the health, comfort, and productivity of building occupants — while keeping an eye to the project’s aggressive ROI.

OptiNet® Applications Suitable for:

  • Higher Education
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
  • Research Labs
  • K-12
  • Commercial/Office Space
  • Light Industry

The Aircuity OptiNet System allows owners and facility managers to optimize immediate feedback to create visual data documentation through graphing trends.