Aircuity delivers HVAC solutions for energy savings and improved indoor air quality.

  • Lower energy use

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality

  • Enhance Critical Environmental Controls

Building Performance Engineering works with architects, capsule design engineers and owners to impliment OptiNet systems from initial concept design through new construction, page or in renovation and retrofit to existing buildings.

Optinet Installed 24/7 Monitoring

The Aircuity OptiNet system is a unique, patented system that takes samples of air remotely throughout a facility and routes them to a centralized suite of sensors. By measuring critical indoor environmental parameters, the OptiNet system can provide intelligent input to building ventilation systems for energy efficiency, optimization and high quality indoor environmental quality.

Retrofits optimize building ventilation systems to deliver HVAC energy savings and generate ROI rates of 20% – 60% or more

With simple payback periods of 2 years or less, sustainability funds are quickly available for reuse on other carbon reduction initiatives.

Optima Portable Monitoring

Aircuity Optima Portable Monitoring for Healthy & Productive IEQ IAQ Validation TVOC, Particulate & Mold Testing

The Aircuity Optima portable monitoring provides 24/7 continuous monitoring of indoor environmental qualities and provides detailed multi-parameter (mold, large and small particulate, TVOCs, temperature, humidity, CO, and CO2) reports to inform building operators of needed attention of IEQ issues. Allows for immediate response to odors, spills, employee sensitivities, or other on-site needs for documented verification.

Building Performance Engineering also combines the documentation of Optima with lab formaldehyde testing to provide LEED 3.2 flush-out documentation following retrofits of buildings prior to occupancy.