Dynamic Air Filtration

Energy, IAQ, and Filtration

Rely on Building Performance Engineering and Dynamic Air Quality Solutions to help you create the best possible Indoor Air Quality, regardless of your application. Dynamic’s products can help you reduce risk and make the most of your investment by creating and sustaining high performance buildings. Temperature, humidity, particulate count, fresh air volume, circulation characteristics, odors and VOCs are all variables of Indoor Air Quality that impact people, processes and productivity. Dynamic Air Quality Solutions can help to make your building energy efficient and environmentally responsible.

Energy & the Environment

Energy use has a dramatic impact on operating expenses and the environment. Dynamic Air Quality Solutions can help you dramatically reduce energy expenditures, operating costs and carbon emissions.

The Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System exceeds the MERV 13 minimum and approaches HEPA filtration levels by providing up to MERV 15+ performance while operating at much lower static pressures. In addition, Dynamic V8 media provides over 10 (ten) times the media life when compared to comparable passive filters. Under the rating system, there are up to three points available on projects using Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems:

  • Indoor Air Quality – EQ Credit 5
  • Reduced HVAC Energy – EA Credit 1
  • Innovation – ID Credit 1

For existing buildings, a good IAQ strategy can also help meet LEED Existing Building (EB) pre-requisites and earn LEED credits.

From the 11th annual International Conference for Enhanced Building Operations (ICEBO) proceedings, October, 2011

ICEBO Paper FINAL 082211R

Dynamic V-Banks and “Super V” V-Banks

Designed for permanent mounting in commercial air handling systems, Dynamic V-Banks (1”) and Dynamic “Super-V” V-Banks (2”) offer a high-efficiency and cost effective alternative to bulky bag and cartridge filters. Either can be used with or without pre filters.

2″ and 2” Tandem Polarized-Media Air Cleaners

For commercial installations where it’s desirable to run air cleaners in series, Dynamic 2” Tandem Air Cleaners are available that can be wired to a single power supply or control panel (control panels are available as optional accessories). 2” Dynamic Air Cleaners slide directly into 2” filter tracks in most self-contained package rooftop units or 2” Dynamic Air Cleaners can be configured into “Super V” V-Bank Systems.

Dynamic RS-2 & RS-3 Integrated Air Purification Systems

The RS-2 air purification system includes two 1” Dynamic Air Cleaners in a V-Bank configuration to increase filter face area for more effective air cleaning at lower air velocity. Available cased in 1400 and 2400 cfm models, or uncased in a 2000 cfm model.